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Our new heat-treatment facility

An essential processing step in the production of large components is the heat treatment. Thanks to the heat treatment, the residual stresses in the components generated during processing   are reduced. The components are slowly heated to about 600 °C, held at this temperature for a certain time and then cooled in a controlled manner.

Its own heat-treatment facility eliminates the extensive and time-consuming transport of the oversized components to standardized subcontractors. This investment closes the last gap in the large-scale manufacturing chain.

With a total area of approx. 217m², the heat-treatment facility has a length of 20.70m, a width of 10.50m and a height of 9.00m. Thus,  oversized large components parts can also be thermally treated.

The hall consists of a steel structure lined with refractory insulation and can be driven apart in two halves via rails. This allows the loading of the hall with very large components.

Our heat-treatment facility is the last link in a continuous machining process for the production of large components. With this, Hoffmeier positions itself as a fully-fledged supplier in the large components industry and offers its customers optimum solutions for the production of their components.

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